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Dr. Bernard Bulwer presents to Belize Civic Fellows

“All can give is what I’ve gotten, and here is what I have – I have a lot of love in my heart. Who are you when your eyes are closed and you can’t see? Are you a doctor, writer, or what have you? …I see the world completely different. I see the job completely different.’ – Bernard Bulwer

A young boy named Bernard Bulwer grew up on south side of a pre- independent Belize during a time nationalism was particularly strong as the country faced the departure of the British forces as a protector of the former colony from an existentialist threat from neighboring Guatemala. Inside a modest setting along with eleven other siblings, young Bernard had to prove his mettle which would guide him to be one of the country’s most influencing minds in Belize as well as on two continents. Bulwer’s father was a carpenter and farmer who taught him the important lessons of hard work, integrity and perseverance. Many nights as he studied to excel, his educational growth would be hammered and shaped like the wood of his father’s trade into something new, beautiful and utilitarian. His mother was a home maker and provided the necessary support to her family and that did not go unnoticed as her input was equally significant as water to a plant’s development. He accounts his success today to his humble beginnings.

Dr. Bulwer attended St. John’s College in Belize City and was awarded a scholarship to study Medicine at the University of West Indies. He further pursued a Masters at King’s College – the University of London and was a fellow and conducted advanced medical research at Harvard University where his expertise is Cardiovascular Disease. Bernard certainly carved his own evolution and seeded that growth from the nurture he received at home and the civic minded spirit that he breathed as Belize transformed into an independent nation.

Unabashed and proud, Bulwer once admitted “I have shed tears in private for my country…‘At the end of this let it be said that Bernard tried.’”

Dr. Bulwer has been recognized by the U.S. government, as a “person of extraordinary ability” based on his contribution in the field of echocardiography education. Leading experts at Harvard, Colombia and the Cleveland Clinic has described his contributions as “outside the box”, “visionary and strategic thinker”, and a physician “ahead of his time” and the “Leonardo da Vinci and the “Frank Netter of Echocardiography”

Dr. Bulwer is a prolific writer and advocate for heart health and has served as author, co-author, editor, and medical illustrator of a number of textbooks and didactic works in echocardiography. His books are used in Harvard Medical School and other medical education organizations. His Amazon author page can be found:

Dr. Bulwer is socially conscious, passionate about Belize and regularly volunteers his time, medical expertise and resources to improve the conditions of Belizeans.

Dr. Bulwer is currently founder and Project Director of “Echo Stethoscope Academy Project and have served in different capacities such as research associate at Brigham Women’s Hospital, Faculty of the World Congress for Ultra Sound in Medical Education, Program Director for MCPHS University and Director of Medical Services at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Bulwer’s focus is to “educate and equip” today’s students and practitioners with the foundation tools for responsible use cardiac ultrasound “echo” stethoscopes – within their scope of training. Such tools are designed to complement medical education, diagnostic medical solography programs, clinical practice, and global health. This new technology will increase accessible heart monitoring devices to vulnerable and remote communities.

Dr. Bulwer is the consummate example of the virtues of a Belizean civic fellow and he is proud to share his views particularly during the month of Belize’s independence celebrations.

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